John Aguirre
January 10, 2016
William B. Scott
March 1, 2016

James McInnis

“Recently, I had need of technical information regarding
those low profile concrete objects found in commercial
handicapped parking areas, referred to as “wheel stops” /
“car stops” / “tire stops.” At first glance, a person may
wonder: “what technical information can possibly be
associated with a plain stationary concrete object with no
moving parts?” Well, as it turns out, Dr. Presswood
furnished me with title, section, and paragraph of the
ADA, ANSI and ASTM regulations and standards where
“wheel stops” are referenced and the characteristics of
what constitutes a “wheel stop.” Dr. Presswood dispelled
any concerns I had about “wheel stops” when he
unequivocally opined that “wheel stops” should never be
used, period.
By education, work history, and experience, I consider Dr.
Presswood’s opinions on technical issues within his areas
of expertise unimpeachable.
Thank you, Dr. Presswood, for the pleasant experience I
had working with you.”