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Construction Defects
& Code Compliance

We offer specialized services in the analysis and resolution of Construction Defects and Code Compliance issues. Our team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive support to legal professionals, property owners, contractors, and developers, ensuring that construction projects meet all required standards and regulations.

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More About Construction Defects and Code Compliance

In gathering our information about the case, we ask many questions, look at all of the evidence provided, and use this information to form our analysis. Our process includes:

Construction defects and code compliance issues can be separated by the circumstance of an incident, but they can also be interrelated. It will always be dependent on the given situation. For example, here are three very different situations:

The Accident Expert™ welcomes and encourages all inquiries regarding code compliance and construction defect cases.

We apply three basic steps

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If we're a good fit, our engineers will conduct a thorough investigation tailored to your situation, providing the clarity you need.

Why Choose Us

For over four decades, Dr. Gary Presswood, a leading forensic engineer, has empowered legal professionals nationwide. Our team provides comprehensive forensic engineering and expert witness services, delivering the clarity you need to win.

  • 40+ years of experience in engineering and forensics
  • Licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states
  • Extensive work on prestigious projects for NASA, the U.S. Military, and major corporations like Disney
  • Vehicle Accidents (including motorcycles)
  • Construction Defects & Code Compliance
  • Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Roadway Design
  • Accessibility Design (ADA)

We offer educational seminars for legal and engineering professionals, fostering a deeper understanding of forensic engineering principles.

What Clients Say

Winning cases requires a strong foundation of evidence and expertise. Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say about how The Accident Expert™ helped them achieve success

John Aguirre Treon & Aguirre, PLLC

"Our law firm, Treon & Aguirre, PLLC, has had the privilege of working with Dr. Gary Presswood. In our experience with Dr. Presswood, he has always been highly professional and his expert opinions are well organized and supported by the evidence. In addition, Dr. Presswood is extremely professional, honest, and hardworking. I highly recommend him as an expert in his field."

James McInnis Retired judge, Big Lake/Lake Charles, LA

"Recently, I had need of technical information regarding those low profile concrete objects found in commercial handicapped parking areas, referred to as "wheel stops" / "car stops" / "tire stops." At first glance, a person may wonder: "what technical information can possibly be associated with a plain stationary concrete object with no moving parts?" Well, as it turns out, Dr. Presswood furnished me with title, section, and paragraph of the ADA, ANSI and ASTM regulations and standards where "wheel stops" are referenced and the characteristics of what constitutes a "wheel stop." Dr. Presswood dispelled any concerns I had about "wheel stops" when he unequivocally opined that "wheel stops" should never be used, period. By education, work history, and experience, I consider Dr. Presswood’s opinions on technical issues within his areas of expertise unimpeachable. Thank you, Dr. Presswood, for the pleasant experience I had working with you."