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About Us

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of technical expertise and professional service. Our team’s extensive experience and dedication to continuing education ensure that we remain at the forefront of the forensic engineering field.

About The Accident Expert™

Welcome! The Accident Expert™ specializes in accommodating legal professionals with Professional Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness services. The Accident Expert™ has been providing technical expertise for attorneys since 1992, while Dr. Presswood, founder and CEO, has functioned as an expert witness continuously since 1974.

The corporate office for The Accident Expert™ is located in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, the firm has no geological boundaries and currently serves clients throughout the United States and Great Britain.

The firm’s professional experience uniquely qualifies them as experts in various types of technical cases, particularly those involving safety-related issues from pedestrian falls, vehicle accidents (including motorcycles), complex roadway design issues, and construction defects.

The Accident Expert™ supports both Plaintiff and Defense in technical and criminal cases. We provide building, site, and accessibility (i.e., ADA) design services for clients in many states and for some of the major casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In addition to forensic services, The Accident Expert™ provides seminars for attorneys, engineers, and other professionals for training purposes and for providing continuing education.

About Our Founder & CEO

Dr. Gary Presswood

Dr. Gary Presswood is an accomplished, licensed Professional Engineer and is licensed in many states. First licensed in Illinois in 1975, he has also been registered/licensed as a Professional Engineer in Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona. After obtaining an Engineering degree from Southern Illinois University, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and a Doctorate in Science (ScD) from California Southern University (magna cum laude).

In 1992, Dr. Presswood left his dual positions with the City of Las Vegas, Nevada, as their City Engineer and Deputy Director of Public Works to establish a business as a forensic consultant, analyzing technical litigation issues primarily for attorneys. His experience extends into critical fields as vehicle accident reconstruction, roadway design, slip-trip and fall analysis, construction-related accidents, and failure analysis. Prior to 1987 when Dr. Presswood was appointed by the Las Vegas Mayor and City Council as City Engineer for Las Vegas,Nevada, he served as City Engineer for the City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Between City Engineer positions, he attended to the highly technical needs of many prestigious clients including NASA; Departments of Army, Navy, and Air Force; the Disney Corporation; and international clients with projects in the Bahamas, Spain, Saudi Arabia, and China.

As a Professional Engineer proficient in the complex technical standards of site design, construction, and maintenance, Dr. Presswood has analyzed and evaluated numerous projects for the level of initial design, construction, adequacy of maintenance, and risk management. Additionally, he has provided extensive analysis regarding protection against potential flooding conditions for sites utilizing complex hydrology design principles.

Dr. Presswood has extensive experience in the planning, design, and development of large and sensitive projects, some in excess of 30,000 acres in size (such as Summerlin, a master-planned community developed by a Howard Hughes company). Such projects often include environmental assessments, contract negotiations, and construction quality control and assurance. He also has extensive experience in accident reconstruction. In addition, for many years Dr. Presswood has provided extensive engineering expertise for a vast range of roadways including major interstate highway systems and local streets and subdivisions. He has also designed commercial sites including parking lots, bridges, airport facilities, and complex military sites for governmental, national, and international clients.